I’m a 25 year old, sterilized, childfree male living and enjoying life in Mexico City, Mexico where I work as a Citation X Captain for a corporate flight department and a part-time flight instructor. Here I write about childfreedom from the male perspective in particular, and with the aim of giving childfree men a voice in a very child-friendly world. I hope you enjoy what you read.

  1. Love your blog, let us know if you are interested in writing for DINKlife too!

  2. I’m single, so I don’t know as though my content would fit over there. That said, I’d be glad to if you think of something you’d like me to write about.

  3. Take Responsibility

    So glad I happened upon your blog! As a single child-free woman who has eldercare responsibilities, I am so SICK of managers telling me to “hire a nurse” when a travel assignment comes up. Yet, my co-worker said she couldn’t travel because she has three precious little snowflakes to take care of. (She also has the kids’ FATHER and her parents who can take the kids for extended periods.) It’s just so nice to have found a place where people understand and accept my choice not to have kids.

  4. We found your blog and like it!

  5. Wondering if you had a chance to read this recent article of interest: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/17/think-before-you-breed/

    • That was an interesting read. Thanks for that. To nitpick, I hate that she used “childless” instead of “childfree” to describe us, but I already did a post ranting about the semantics of that.

  6. Greetings from a CF man in India. Loved your blog.

  7. hi i’ve read your blog at least partially and i think you have alot of information that is very usefull and very interesting and also have Childfree blog, but from “the usual” female perspective. One thing you wrote caught my attetion really it was about that law in iceland that doctors ar obligated to esterilise someone and can’t denie them sterilisation just bc “you have a uterus go use it” have you any infos you can provide me with? i want to get sterilised but in my country “having a uterus is part of the breeding process”, so they assume that if someone does not want kids they belong in an asylum -_- Please if you have the time provide me with some info. thank you

    • Well, I remember reading it sometime ago on the website “Happily Childfree” (the site is now defunct) and some follow-up research I think says said law only applies for 25 and up individuals. That said, it’s probably going to be a lot easier for you to get sterilized there. I’d start off by contacting some doctors there if at all possible to inquire about sterilization, and if you get the green light I say make a vacation out of it. 😉

      Best wishes to you. I personally believe in individual bodily autonomy for all, and that includes voluntary sterilization at any age and for any reason, including not wanting children. Good luck.

  8. Your blog is great!!

  9. Hi from Australia! Really loving your blog. I’m 27 and recently made the decision to be childfree. It’s such a weight off! Fascinated by your thoughts on antinatalism.

  10. Eco-Chick in Canada

    Hey from Canada! Where’ve you gone?! I miss reading your new posts!

  11. I enjoy reading your blog and other childfree blogs so that I as a proud childfree woman can stay positively affirmed in my decision to remain that way . I like seeing it from thd male perspective because I actually had guys not see me again over the issue. It’s amazing how many guys there are out there that are just as baby crazy as most women, sometimes worse!it’s refreshing to have a place (even if it’s just online)where childfree people can come to and get away from the breeders and those who think that adding more mouths to an already over crowded planet is the most important thing in the world.

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