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See, I Do Have A Bit of a Heart…

This goes out to all the breeder trolls who have called me “heartless,” “cold,” etc.!

As much as kids might get on my nerves, I really hate traumatizing them or seeing them go through a traumatic experience, so you can only imagine how badly I felt after I totally scared a little kid at the park Friday mid-morning.

I usually have Friday off after working double-duty on Thursday, and so I usually go out to the nearby park mid-morning on Fridays to go practice the bagpipe. For one, the bagpipe is a rather loud instrument that doesn’t lend itself very well to playing in closed, confined spaces (though I have no choice a lot of the time), and two I usually actually get a few tips from passersby when practicing in the park, so it’s become a way for me to get a little bit of extra dinero.

So I was setting up to play last Friday when a curious little kid came up to me and asked me what my bagpipe was as he’d never seen one. I told him it was called the bagpipe (I just used “el bagpipe” because I don’t know of a Spanish equivalent for the name, and “la gaita” actually refers to a different variation of bagpipe) and explained to him that it was a musical instrument originating in ancient Scotland. So once I got it all put together and blew it up to start tuning the drones, that poor little kid went running to his mommy bawling his eyes out, ears covered!

You can’t imagine how bad I felt. I went over and apologized repeatedly to the poor kid and his mother. I really think I traumatized the poor little guy! I don’t guess he was used to a musical instrument with that kind of volume or piercing tonal quality. I almost started crying myself seeing that poor little guy bawling his eyes out.  I really didn’t mean to scare him like that!

Well, this is the first time that’s ever happened to me, normally little kids stop and stare when I’m playing just wondering what the heck is going on, soon followed by their onlooker parents who will often throw a few centavos in my pipe case. Deep down, I really hope I fascinate some of these kids and instill within them an interest in the instrument and inspire a new generation of pipers. It’s really a great instrument and somewhat of a dying art, and it’s the children of today who will keep the Great Highland Bagpipe and its rich history and tradition alive. Even I, as a childfree person, realize that.