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Sorry For My Absence

Sorry I haven’t written anything this week. I’m still trying to work through the pain and deep sense of loss I feel in my heart. I’ll be back soon, I promise.

In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote, dedicated to Baby Z, titled “I’ll Never Forget.”

I’ll never forget when you first came home
How I could hold you in the palm of my hand
And how ever perfectly you fit there

I’ll never forget the first time I fed you
How I had to direct you to the bottle
And help you latch on to the nipple

I’ll never forget the many sleepless nights
How I’d wake up just to feed you
And just to comfort you when you were alone

I’ll never forget watching you open your eyes
How I broke down in tears at the sight
And knowing that all I did for you was worthwhile

I’ll never forget the way you attacked my hand
How you growled and yelped and pounced
And the way you nearly gnawed my thumb off that one time

I’ll never forget how you ran across the room
How so uncoordinated your little legs were
And how we all laughed at the sight of it

I’ll never forget your teddy bear face
How big and floppy your ears were
And your ever-so intent “doberman stare”

I’ll never forget the gut-wrenching news
How badly I was crushed
And still am crushed today

I’ll never forget the way you enriched my life
How many things you taught me in your short life
And how many things you still teach me to this day

I’ll never forget


PS: To the callous bastard who said he’d un-bookmark me if he saw another animal picture on my site, go ahead. I don’t give a fuck, and quite frankly your lack of empathy is disgusting. Maybe I’ll post pictures of my cats soon just to piss you off.