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“Unbaby Me” Google Chrome Extension (And A Slight Rant About Smug Breeders)

So I blog over on as like a “primary” blog site where I write entries about various things (not necessarily CF issues), when I saw a post on one of their sister sites called “Momaroo” (I hope you guys are cringing at such a stupid name and the theme) about a Google Chrome extension called “Unbaby Me.” Well, it’s supposed to be an extension that replaces pictures of those snotty-nosed crotch droppings breeders like to refer to as “the cutest things ever” with pictures of kittens (which are actually cute, unlike babies/children).

Well guys, I hate to report that it absolutely does not work as advertised. I had one of my Facebook friends nail up a picture that it was supposed to filter out and it did absolutely nothing. Even after updating Chrome, clearing my cache, and refreshing my Facebook feed, it had absolutely no effect. The problems are twofold:

1) Un-captioned photos will not be censored whether you get it to work or not. The extension has a list of key words (that you can add to manually, I should add) that it’s supposed to catch and replace. If the photo is un-captioned as is usually the case with most photos uploaded to Facebook, it’s not going to filter it.

2) Even after adding a slew of key words to the app, it still didn’t filter out any pictures. I had a friend upload some random picture and tag it with one of the key words and it did absolutely nothing. Even after taking the suggested steps to remedy the situation, the picture wasn’t censored.

So with that, the app is a joke. One star from me, not recommended, don’t waste your time. You’ll just have to manually hide all the baby pictures yourself (sucks for me, one of my FB friends just had one of those things and is posting picture after picture. Yuck!).

So now that we’ve settled that, I want to call attention to the smug “mommies” over there on Breederoo who are all up in arms about this app. Here’s an excerpt from the original post:

“It’s an app that uses keywords to clear your FB feed from baby pictures and replaces the pics with kittens (since everything cute on the internet right now apparently involves cats). I guess some people actually don’t want to see every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment of our baby’s lives? HATERZ!”

So, just because we don’t want to hear about your kid’s shit-filled diapers, temper tantrums, etc. nor do we want to look at baby pictures day in and day out, we’re haters. Lovely. I guess that means I can call you a hater for not wanting to see pictures from every one of my waking moments, including my countless sexual encounters and pictures of my 50+ sexual partners to date?

Also from the original post:

“I’m pretty sure my feelings would be hurt if I found out my friends unbabied me.”

All I have to say to that is GET OVER YOURSELF, BITCH!!!!! Not everyone finds your kid as cute as you do. Would you throw just as much of a tantrum if someone hid picture updates from you? What a tragedy!

And then of course one of the smug moos from the comments section had this to say:

“It’d be their loss…my kids are beautiful.”

I love how she’s stating that as absolute fact. Alas, that’s what breeders do, don’t they. Tout shit like that as absolute fact? “Children are a blessing,” “It’s different when they’re your own,” “My kids are so beautiful.” Uh, yeah, CAN IT! That’s all a matter of opinion. I personally haven’t found one single kid I’ve found to be beautiful, and that includes kid me (my god was I ever an ugly kid, one of the ugliest I’ve seen, I think).

Anyway, for all that breederific bullshit and more here’s a link to the original post over on Mooaroo if gouging your eyes out tickles your fancy:


You Go, Dad!

You know, I always find it refreshing when I see a parent who’s willing to step up to the plate and actually be a parent, instead of just letting their kids turn into disrespectful little assholes who get away with anything and everything under the sun. If more parents were like that, I’d have a lot less complaints about kids and their bad behavior.

Well, apparently you don’t want to mess with this dad. After his 15 year old daughter wrote a Facebook post completely and totally shitting on him and her mother, he absolutely had enough and really called her to the carpet.

As I said before, kids these days have absolutely no sense of what respect is, and it’s a crying shame. It’s about time someone steps up to the plate and teaches their kid some respect, even if it requires going to these measures. Now, I probably wouldn’t have shot the laptop (I’d have sold it, myself), but I’ll stand by him. It was his money after all.

Here’s hoping his daughter learns from this. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if he receives backlash from this from her friends and even from other parents. He shouldn’t care, though. He did well.