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Childfree and Anti-Choice?!?!?

First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to United States president Barack Obama on winning re-election in a rather handy fashion. Talk about a relief for CF people in the US! Let me tell you what, ol’ Mittens would have been a devastating blow for women’s reproductive health not only in the US, but here and everywhere else in the world too (cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, which he said he’d do, as well as cutting funding for abortions and contraceptives/sterilization in developing countries, among other assaults on reproductive choice).

While we’re on the topic of reproductive choice, most notably abortion, I happened across a rather unusual circumstance yesterday. I did a post on my general blog about all the reasons I’m pro-choice and one of the commenters was adamantly anti-choice. Well, not to be surprising there, as there is still a certain percentage of people who live in prehistory and don’t want to live in the present. Said person pulled out the old tactics about god/gods (which I don’t believe exist, so that one doesn’t work with me) and of course went on a picture tirade of aborted fetuses (sorry, I don’t make decisions based on emotions, so that tactic doesn’t faze me either.

So I got to talking to someone who I knew was childfree about how crazy anti-choicers are, only for her to reveal to me that she was anti-choice herself. Needless to say I was completely bewildered when she said that.

I don’t understand how anyone can be childfree and yet anti-choice. The two terms are like contradictory to one another! On one hand, you want to have the freedom to choose not to reproduce, but on the other hand you’re denying people that same freedom? And you mean to tell me you’d rather be a parent against your will than go through with an abortion? Whatever the case, it made absolutely no sense in my mind whatsoever.

I am definitely not impressed, to say the least. I can only think of one thing and that this person is, deep down, a wannabreeder posing as a childfree person in the name of trying to make childfree people look stupid, or she’s a “shill” in other words. I wouldn’t be surprised if there exist people like that out there.

It’s simple really: to be childfree is to be pro-reproductive freedom, and to be pro-reproductive freedom is to be pro-choice. That’s all there is to it.



Rick Santorum on Birth Control

I don’t much follow American politics anymore since I haven’t lived there in a long time and have no intentions of ever going back, but I was talking to my friend Natasha from back in the States last night and she mentioned something absolutely horrifying to me last night. She told me that she heard that Rick Santorum supports giving the States the right to outright ban any form of contraception other than abstinence and NFP.

When she told me this I think my jaw dropped three feet. I absolutely could not believe what I was reading at first, but then when I thought about it for a second it makes sense. Rick Santorum is a staunch Roman Catholic with 7 kids and probably more to come. As is typical of Roman Catholic politicians, they want “Vatican Law” instituted in whatever country they’re campaigning in (though ironically my country is extremely socially liberal, despite being 80%+ Catholic). In that light, it’s no suprise that Santorum is extreme anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, and even thinks gay relations should be criminalized, but I digress.

I don’t even want to imagine a world where birth control is outlawed. For one, what would happen to someone like me? I had a vasectomy a year and a half ago. Does that mean he thinks I should be forced to undergo vasectomy reversal surgery? If so, that’s almost as scary as the vaginal ultrasound law some states are trying to get passed for abortion (I’ll probably blog on that later, because that’s total crap as well). Subjecting all sterile-by-choice individuals to invasive surgery against their will is both repulsive and quite frankly unconstitutional, though truth be told when did the US Constitution matter to American politicians?

Among other consequences I’d hate to see the sudden overflow of children in adoption centers and orphanages due to the lack of birth control. You want the number of unwanted children who will NEVER get adopted to increase? Take away birth control. Seriously, that’s exactly what would happen. We childfree people aren’t going to stop being childfree, no matter what the law says. I refuse to be a parent, and that’s that; period, end of story. I’m a firm believer that every child should be a wanted child. As it is, that’s already far from the case, and it’s a very sad reality. I might not want any kids of my own, but my heart breaks when I see the millions of unwanted kids in adoption centers. Every kid deserves a loving home, and I refuse to believe otherwise.

One last thing I’d like to point out is this. Banning birth control isn’t going to make it go away. Remember what happened when the decided to prohibit the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages? Crime skyrocketed and it created a “black market” for alcohol. I’m afraid a prohibition of contraceptives (whether it’s the pill, condoms, IUDs, sterilization, or whatever) will create a black market for it. People will be smuggling these things in, and be doing back-alley vasectomies and tubals, much the same way back-alley abortions are the reality of countries that prohibit abortion. If that picture doesn’t give you nightmares, you have some serious issues.

Oh, but Santorum doesn’t really oppose contraception; oh no! So-called NFP and the “rhythm method” apparently are OK. Yeah, if you want an unplanned pregnancy, use these methods. The RCC and other NFP-supporter boneheads love to claim that NFP is like 99.5% effective, which I absolutely have to call bullshit on. What they aren’t telling you is this: NFP works on the premise that women can only get pregnant during certain times on their cycle. As anyone with any basic health education or sex education knows, this is a blatant lie. A woman can get pregnant at any time during her cycle, including during her period! You might as well be getting ready to empty out your emergency fund if you use NFP, because a baby will be on the way! Seriously, NFP is a total fucking joke, and anyone with half a brain realizes that.

I guess in the end, it comes down to personal autonomy. The government has no right to impose children on the childfree, just as religious institutions have no right to impose religion on non-consenting individuals. The above situation would be the scary reality of what would happen is all forms of contraception besides NFP were criminalized. Alas, that’s the reality of organized religion: they think their religious values should rule over everyone. Further, Rick Santorum’s stance on birth control is a prime example of the dangers that religion pose to modern, civilized society. I hope to the non-existent sky daddy that he doesn’t get elected, or else my American CF friends might be in for it, because you KNOW he’s going to abuse his powers and institute all of these things as executive orders and bypass congress entirely. *Shudder!*

Sterilization For The Childfree: Why Is It So Hard To Get?

This is an editorial I wrote for another blogging site and I’m reposting it here. I think most of you would agree with this, but if you don’t feel free to comment and tell me why.

You know, I’ve been wondering for some time why it’s so hard to get a doctor to sterilize you, especially if you don’t have kids. Do the doctors think they know better than you about what you want in life?

Whatever it is, it’s a pain.

There is no law in any country prohibiting the sterilization of those without children. In every country I’ve looked at the only requirement is to be of legal age. Other than that, no requirements. However, most doctors will refuse to sterilize someone who doesn’t have kids. I was able to get a vasectomy without too much difficulty (and for men it’s not all that hard), but it’s almost impossible for a child-free woman to get sterilized. Once again, we see gender inequality here.

Personally, I think there should be a law that says doctors cannot refuse to sterilize someone if they request sterilization. Iceland has such a law and it works wonders over there. Such a law would protect the reproductive rights of people, and would even make the anti-choicers happy because it would drive down abortion rates by reducing unwanted pregnancies. The law is a win for everyone.

Nobody knows your desires better than you, so why should doctors be allowed to have any say in your reproductive freedom? Regret shouldn’t be taken into consideration, and there’s always adoption anyway for those who change their mind (we don’t need any more people on the planet anyway). So whatever. It’s your body, it should be your choice. Period.